Zeusophobia – fear of God or gods

Zeusophobia is defined as the extreme fear of god or gods. A similar phobia, Theophobia, is the acute fear of gods or religion.

This phobia may additionally cause extreme concern of things associated to god or church including but not limited to bibles, churches, and crosses.

The concern of God is defined as a concern of any event, outcome, state of affairs or individual that resembles, relates or symbolises “God” of any form or kind. The concern of God is a typical phobia in North America, Australia, Asia and the rest of the world.

The God phobia is usually caused by some influence of “God” within the person’s life by means of the media, cinema, childhood experiences, family experiences, dreams, books, news events, etc.

Physical Symptoms of Zeusophobia can be shaking/trembling, sweating excessively, nausea, dizziness, hyperventilation, chest pain, dry mouth, freezing, losing management over emotions, hyperactive bowels,
refusal or incapacity to sleep, change in sleeping patterns, stomach pains, possible psychosomatic responses,
fear of dying, intense anxiousness attack, incoherency in speaking, incoherency in thinking, refusal to go anywhere thought-about as unsafe, palpitations.

Some of the common psychological processes associated with God phobia include:catastrophising, ignoring the positive, exaggerating, over generalizing, looking for disaster, thinking in all or nothing terms.