Zemmiphobia – fear of the great mole rat

Zemmiphobia is defined as fear of the mole rat.

The Mole Rat is a species of naked rats that look and behave like moles. They are native to elements of Africa and have large, protruding entrance teeth that they use to dig tunnels. Mole rats reside underground in colonies of eighty to 300 rats. Within every colony, there is one breeding feminine and three to four breeding males. All different rats are workers or soldiers.

Zemmiphobia is a slightly unusual and relatively unknown phobia. However, for the person suffering from this phobia, the worry is actual and immobilizing.

What Causes Zemmiphobia?
Usually the person suffering from zemmiphobia has experienced a traumatic event with rates or moles. This would naturally link rats and moles as a danger to themselves. Alternatively zemmiphobia could be brought on by the odd look of this creature. This mole/rat has beady eyes, no hair, large teeth, and is blind.