Xyrophobia-Fear of razors

When one uses a razor for the first time, it is not uncommon for one to feel scared because one might have seen our parents get cut, or have seen in the movies people cutting themselves with razors, or even serial killers using the razor as a murder weapon. Although shaving is a common ritual for a lot of people and is part of the daily routine, sometimes, in moments of carelessness, we cut ourselves thus resulting to injury and pain. And because of this, some people get scared subsequently when using the razor. Some also fear the cuts they get from using the razor can become infected and they could die from the infection. Most people who have Xyrophobia has personally experienced injury while using the razor as opposed to just observing other people getting cut while shaving.

Most with this phobia will do anything not to shave and might even resort to having a full beard, or not mind having unshaven legs and underarms. They may also show symptoms of anxiety including breathlessness or shortness of breath, trembling, palpitations and they would do anything to avoid the razor. Some may also be embarrassed by this fear causing one to be frustrated and avoid other people.

Treatment can be difficult because people with this fear may believe that using a razor can kill them. A therapist can help the person to identify what incident caused the fear and then slowly teach them not to fear the razor. They should be taught the wounds inflicted by a razor is superficial and is not life-threatening.