Xylophobia- Fear of wooden objects

Xylophobia can mean the fear of wooden objects or fear of forests but more commonly refers to fear of the latter.  The forest can seem unsettling for some people, especially for those who find themselves lost in the dense undergrowth.  Fear is usually seen in the movies wherein forest scenes usually show wild animals and vicious beasts, serial killers and monsters.  The fear of the unknown, or whatever lurks in the shadows of the forest usually causes this Xylophobia.   As a child, you may have had an experience of getting lost in the woods, and you experience this intense fear while trying to find your way out thus stems the fear of the forest.  Adults may have also used the forest to scare you when you were misbehaving as a child and the forest is associated with fear and punishment.

Symptoms of Xylophobia can cause one to be severely claustrophobic in the dense forest.  Others will manifest with symptoms of anxiety including breathlessness, trembling, palpitations and chest discomfort and even full blown panic attacks. And these fears usually have to do with the fear of the unknown within the forest.

A therapist can easily diagnose signs and symptoms of anxiety manifested by the patient and treatment can include behavioural modification wherein a person is taught not to fear the forest.  Anti-anxiety medications might also help in alleviating symptoms.