Xerophobia – fear of dryness

This concern may merely be a response to the knowledge that things which are hydrated equal life. Our our bodies are made up primarily of water. Our earth is composed of great water. The foods we eat typically contain water. When something is devoid of water is can equate with an absence of life in the mind of the Xerophobe.

The fear just isn’t found solely in problems with food and seasons, but generally is a fear of dry skin, dry lips and even dry genatalia. The fear may be a resistance to being affected by dryness or embarrassed due to dryness.The fear might be due to personal experience or noticed in others.

Symptoms of Xerophobia
A person with this fear may avoid dry climates, use moisturizing hand and face creams, lip balm, and drink plenty of fluids.They might also insist on running a humidifier in their homes and making certain their lawns get loads of water.

Other symptoms can also include:
Panic attacks
Air hunger
Sense of management loss
Elevated coronary heart rate
Acute frustration

The r0le of dryness typically instills an appreciation for hydration, yet for the Xerophobe the sense of dryness could also be more straight linked to potential death than an appreciation for moisture. A Xerophobe would seemingly struggle with a drought and they may flee anybody who appears to have dry skin, hair or lips.

How to Overcome Xerophobia
Xerophobia can be managed if the one who fears can begin to grasp that dryness is a natural, but most frequently temporary state. Rain will fall, moisture will come, leaves will develop again. It is a part of the natural balance of our world. Dryness can be a state that may typically be reversed, so avoiding someone or something that is dry may be less compassionate than sticking with them via the dry spell.

A therapist can provide assist in determining the extent of your fear in addition to figuring out of that is the sum complete of your fears or if there are other fears associated together with your condition.
Knowledge and counseling are important allies in recovery. The more you perceive the more you are able to come to terms along with your condition.