Wiccaphobia- Fear of witches and witchcraft

Way back in ancient times, we have seen that witches were burned at the stake and witchcraft has always been feared and thought to be evil. The fear of witches have stemmed from the fear of Satan and the association of witchcraft with black magic and the dark arts. When we were younger, most of us had this image of a witch in black robe and tall pointed had, long crooked fingers, crooked nose, warts all over the face, holding a broom, with a cauldron bubbling with eye of newts and frog livers, and a black cat or raven, and this image can be scary for little kids. This fear can persevere thus causing this phobia when confronted by witches and witchcraft.

Those who have a strong Christian faith may be more prone to having this phobia in the modern society because they may feel scared at the thought or idea of devil worship, black magic or they may even think that black magic may be a gift from the devil himself.

Symptoms of Wiccaphobia include palpitations, tremors, shortness of breath, and they may fear that they will be afflicted by black magic. Those with intense phobia might even fear that they will be turned to toads by witches and they would try their best to avoid dealing with magic. Some also have an intense fear of Halloween.

Therapy can help those afflicted to realize that witches are not real and witchcraft is just an art. Medications may also be given to address symptoms of anxiety if it becomes severe.