Vestiphobia- Fear of clothing

This fear seems to be an oddity because one would imagine a person being more scared of being naked than being scared of wearing clothing. For most of us, wearing clothes gives us warmth and comfort but for some this can be scary. Some may think of clothing as something that can smother or choke them especially if they wear tight-fitting clothes, turtle-necked clothes, and ties. They would rather be seen in-the-nude than feel enclosed when they wear clothes. Some might have developed this fear if they were made to wear clothes that did not look presentable or hideous when they were kids that became a subject of ridicule among their peers thus they associate clothes with fear. Some might have developed this fear because they had parents who feared wearing clothes.

People who fear clothing may have palpitations, tremors, shortness of breath or even difficulty breathing when wearing clothes, especially tight-fitting clothes. The vestiphobe will try their best to avoid wearing clothes and would wear almost bare clothing. Those with severe phobia may have full blown panic attacks and avoid social interactions.

Treatment could involve behavioral therapy and if anxiety and panic attacks affect quality of life, medications may be given to control symptoms.