Venustraphobia or caligynephobia – The Fear of beautiful women

The Venustraphobia I will talk about is not the famous album by Casbah Club, but it’s the fear of beautiful women. Some guys or men feel intense fear when a beautiful woman is around them, this result in poor social performance with women which leads to further intensifying of the Venustraphobia.

What Causes Venustraphobia?

It’s believed that past experience with women is one of the causes of caligynephobia or Venustraphobia. If you experienced lots of failures when dealing with beautiful women your may grow up fearing to approach them.

The other factor that may cause Venustraphobia is poor self image, if you think that you are ugly or not that beautiful then most probably you will feel most vulnerable when you are with a beautiful woman. Placing big emphasis on the external looks and being programmed by the media to worship beauty can result in intense fear when approaching beautiful women.

Dealing with Venustraphobia

I suggest fixing your poor self image and altering your beliefs about beauty as a solution to treating Venustraphobia. Also, the common techniques that are used in dealing with other phobias like exposure therapy & desensitization may be effective too.