Tyrannophobia- Fear of tyrants

Tyrants have been present in our society and they are men or women who would do anything to achieve their goals even if it would mean stepping on or hurting other people in the process. They are mostly leaders in the society including politicians but could be someone you deal with everyday like your boss at work, parents, or even children. A person who fears tyranny is said to be suffering from Tyrannophobia.

Most people with this fear are shy and fear social situations. Dealing with the powerful and influential people can cause them to be extremely uncomfortable because they might have had an embarrassing experience in the past wherein they were scolded or shouted at by the person perceived as a tyrant. For some, they might have observed this happening only to a friend or co-worker and this fear is transferred to them especially if they have poor self-esteem.

A tyranophobic would most likely subject themselves to bullies while hating themselves in the process. They will just accept ridicule and will be quick to hide the humiliation and fear that they feel inside. If severe, a tyranophobe while manifest symptoms of anxiety including tremors, palpitations, breathlessness, nausea. Some might even avoid people altogether and become recluse.

Treatment include behavioral therapy and they are taught to stand up for themselves and not fear those people in authority. Anti-anxiety medications may be given to those who manifest severe symptoms of anxiety.