Tropophobia- Fear of moving or making changes

Change can be viewed as something that can improve one’s condition in life or could be viewed as something traumatic especially if change brought about a bad experience in the past. People who fear change or moving to other places have Tropophobia.

Most people with this fear are those who dwell in or thrive in constancy and familiarity. They like routine and can have obsessive-compulsive personalities and anything that can disrupt their routine can cause them to be scared. Some might have had a bad experience in the past wherein moving to another place or school was difficult for them and since then associated moving or change as an unpleasant experience. This can especially happen to people who constantly move and have no permanent addresses like those who are in the military or whose jobs require them to transfer every so often.

People with this phobia do not only fear moving to another place but fear any change in their life and can manifest with symptoms of anxiety. It is difficult for them to cope with change and they try as much as possible to avoid changing their daily routine or even something as trivial as changing their shampoo or toothpaste.

Treatment can include behavioral therapy and anti-anxiety medications may be given to those with significant symptoms so that they can go on with their daily activities.