Trichopathophobia or Trichophobia- Fear of hair

Almost all of the human’s body surface is covered with hair, from the hair on our head which is considered the crowning glory of most women, to the tiniest hairs found on our skin and ears that help to conduct sound, and even inside our noses which help block and trap dirt when it enters our nasal passages. It is impossible to avoid hair, but there are some people who are scared of hair and this phobia is called Trichopathophobia, and is also known as Trichophobia or Chaetophobia.

Some people fear their own hair, or they may fear other people’s hair. This could have been brought about by a traumatic experience such as having a really bad haircut as a child and one became subject of ridicule, or could have gotten disease such as folliculitis that caused blemishes on the skin that was perceived as ugly. One could have also gotten head lice or pubic lice, thus they fear that having hair can make them prone to having these infestations.

People with this phobia may try to shave off all of their hair, or have really short hair. They would try to keep their hair as clean as possible by shampooing or taking a bath several times a day.

Psychotherapy might help in some cases but medications may be needed in the very isolated cases that rendered the phobic person dysfunctional in society.