Tremophobia- Fear of trembling

Fear of tremors and trembling is an irrational but real fear that is experienced by some people. Trembling or shivering in a cold environment is the body’s natural way to produce heat but some might feel embarrassed when they shiver in front of other people. Most people with this fear are those who project an image that they are stable, prim and proper, poised and for them losing this control can be scary.

This fear does not only apply to fear of shivering/trembling but also to fear of earthquakes or any situation that they might find themselves on unstable ground. They might have experienced a strong earthquake in the past that caused injury when they lost their balance or when things around them started to fall on them or damaged the surroundings. Some may also have relatives with Parkinson’s disease and saw how difficult it is for those with the disease to manage their activities of daily living thus they fear that this could also happen to them in the future.

Symptoms include palpitations, shortness of breath, and full blown panic attacks that can also cause trembling. Treatment includes therapy and medications to relieve anxiety in those not responding to therapy.