There are various methods for phobia treatment. Since the 20th century there has been increased knowledge about phobias and new methods for treating them. The most prevalent treatment method is focusing on helping people deal with their phobic problems. These treatments integrate multiple perspectives as outlined below.

Behavior Therapy
This therapy is based on a doctor analyzing a patients symptoms and systematically desensitizing the person from the effect of the symptoms. This is carried out by gradual exposure to these phobic causing stimuli. The basis of this treatment is founded on the belief that phobias are a learned phenomena and as such they can be unlearned. Additionally, this treatment method can occur in real life or in the person’s imagination by the doctor walking the individual through a phobic causing situation.

Exposure Therapy
Similar to Behavior Therapy, Exposure Therapy exposes an individual to the phobic causing stimuli in varying degrees of intensity. This can be through photographs, with the intended purpose of allowing the individual to develop a tolerance for the phobic causing stimuli. More rapid progress can be seen through a process called Flooding.

Additional Therapies
Hypnotherapy has been effective for some individuals. However, this method has not been proven to be successful for the long term. Alternatively self help groups can also be beneficial.

Various forms of antianxiety and antidepressants should be used in conjunction to psychotherapy. A popular antianxiety medication for phobias is benzodiazepine.