Traumatophobia- Fear of injury

Getting injured, whether minor or severe, is sometimes unavoidable in our life because we live in an environment wherein we do not have ultimate control. There are some people who are extremely scared of getting injured, most especially physical injury, and this condition is called Traumatophobia.

Traumatophobics fear getting hurt thus they tend to be overly cautious in everything that they do and this usually interferes with their daily life. They might see activities that are considered safe by most individuals to be dangerous thus they shy away from physical activities, sports, and other outdoor events. A traumatophobe might have experienced getting hurt in the past and getting embarrassed of the injury leading them to associate doing normal physical activity with getting hurt. Some may even be afraid to go out of their houses because they fear that something bad can happen to them when they go outside.

Symptoms include signs and symptoms of anxiety including palpitations, tremors, shortness of breath, and extreme avoidance of physical activity, sports, and the outdoors.

Treatment include cognitive or behavioral therapy wherein the patient can be taught to do some physical activity initially indoors and then later moving outdoors so that they can learn that they can do stuff safely and not get injured. Medications can be given to those with severe symptoms that prevent them from having a normal life.