Toxiphobia or Toxophobia or Toxicophobia- Fear of poison or of being accidently poisoned

Poison is used to control pest populations, used in fertilizer and in common household cleaners to affect comprehensive cleaning action. The trouble with a toxiphobe is they believe that they may be the one poisoned by these products designed for other more helpful uses. Those who have an unnatural fear of poison are said to suffer from Toxiphobia.

An overly protective parent or guardian may have inadvertently instilled a sense of horror related to anything poisonous. It is also possible that a sense of obsession could have created an atmosphere where fear was allowed to bloom early and often. Obsession can lead to compulsive behaviors that can also add to any underlying fear.

The media can also contribute to the fear by showing images and descriptions of poisonings.

Another broad category of those who may fear being poisoned is
someone who may have actually been poisoned and survived.

One of the primary symptoms associated with this phobia is suspicion.
They may not trust friends enough to allow them to cook for them or bring them a drink. They will be very hands on and personal when it comes to the things they place in their bodies. In the mind of a toxiphobe everything has the potential to kill through poisoning.
Other symptoms may include trembling, crying, weeping, air hunger, elevated heart rates, panic attack, avoidance and a sense of paranoia.

This fear can be treated by a qualified therapist who understands how to blend information with understanding. They can equip their patient with knowledge about poisons and why it may not be healthy to obsess over the potential for poisoning.