Tonitrophobia- Fear of thunder

The fear of thunder may develop due to the sound itself. Thunder also signifies the strong possibility of dangerous lightning strikes. In areas of the world where thunder and lightning are common, more fear may result. If a person with Brontophobia is afraid of extreme weather and electrical storms, they will become stressed and agitated when they hear the boom of thunder.

Thunder is the way lightning sounds. We tend to see lightning before we hear thunder, only because of the speed at which these forces travel. So, often, a fear of lightning, known as Astrophobia, can coexist with Brontophobia.

For some, the crack of loud thunder in a stormy sky can be an unwelcome reminder of human weakness and even mortality.
For those with sensitive hearing, the fear of thunder can stem from the sound itself.

Those who fear thunder may exhibit some compulsions, such as checking weather forecasts obsessively. Symptoms include anxiety, tension in the muscles, nausea, headaches, and dizziness can come when fear of thunder arises. Sometimes, panic attacks will occur.

If the person with Brontophobia gets caught outside in bad weather (thunder), they may become very frightened. Sometimes, fear of going outside (Agoraphobia) can be a result of this phobia. When Brontophobia affects daily life, treatment options should be considered.