Thalassophobia- Fear of the sea

Thalassophobia is an intense and persistent fear of the sea. Thalassophobia is a clinical phobia generally classified under specific phobias, fear of a single specific panic trigger.

People with Thalassophobia fear being in the ocean. A common case of fear of the ocean is sometimes triggered by fearing the sight of a large sea creature underwater. Real life dangers such as swimmers becoming victims of shark attacks or storms sinking the mightiest of ships.
The fear may rely on personal experience or an input from someone we trust.

In many cases an individual with this fear may love the beauty and tales associated with the sea, but would suffer a panic attack if brought to the shoreline. They may be able to view pictures and even commend the beauty they see, but the ocean itself presents an unbelievably large obstacle to be avoided. Other symptoms may include trembling, nausea, vomiting, air hunger, elevated heart rate, avoidance, weeping and loss of control

This fear can be debilitating for those who may have otherwise engaged in social encounters on or near a beach. It is a fear that may be difficult to explain and may leave the phobic personality embarrassed and frustrated.

Engaging the help of a therapist can be an important way to manage fear and reintroduce elements of enjoyment to what had once been an object of fear.