Textophobia- Fear of certain fabrics

Though it may be difficult to reconcile, there is such a thing as fear of a particular fabric, and this is termed as Textophobia.

Most of us have a preference as to what fabric our clothes are made of. Most of us want to wear cool, comfortable clothing and may prefer using cotton. Others may want beautiful and smooth fabric, or others would want tough and warm fabric lake flannel. Some might have experienced having worn itchy and uncomfortable clothes made of a particular fabric thus causing this fear. Some might have developed this fear because he or she had a severe allergic reaction to a particular fabric and the unpleasant experience pushed it to become a phobia.

When a person touches or sees the fabric that he fears, he may react by shortness of breath, palpitations, or even itching. He will do anything to avoid touching that particular fabric, or wear something made it.

No one should be forced to wear something that he or she fears since there are a lot of fabrics out there available. Psychotherapy might help. Medications are rarely needed.