Teutophobia- Fear of German or German things

Teutophobia, otherwise known as anti-German sentiment, is a profound fear of the German people, or the country itself, or of things made in Germany. Usually, this phobia develops because of an unpleasant experience in the country personally experienced by the phobic person, an argument or disagreement with a German nationality, or because of shared sentiment with other people from other countries that dislike the German race. Some might have unconsciously created in their mind an image of hatred and fear towards the German people because of the things that they have seen on TV, or read in books.

Some countries have had several conflicts in the past with Germany and the German people. These countries include Russia, Great Britain, United States, and Switzerland among others. These wars have caused destruction and death thus contributing to the fear that these people feel. Some might fear the German language, and this fear is usually a product of misunderstanding and is associated with fear of the unknown.

A person with this phobia may panic when they hear of things or persons connected with Germany. Even just hearing the word might cause them to react.

Treatment includes behavioral psychotherapy so that they will be taught not to react with anxiety or fear every time they encounter the German race.