Tetanophobia- Fear of lockjaw, tetanus

Tetanus infection can be acquired by getting punctured with a rusty nail, or by getting a dirty wound that is contaminated with soil, or an animal bite. This causes lockjaw commonly as a first symptom and if untreated later causes violent spasms of the whole body that can even fracture the spine in severe cases and later cause death.

Some people with knowledge of the disease get tetanophobia, a profound fear of getting tetanus. These people might have had a family member or friend who was infected with tetanus and have seen the suffering that the patient had to go through. Some might have read about it in the books, or might have seen on TV and have developed this phobia as a result. This fear could have also resulted after having a tetanus shot because of the pain that they felt when the vaccine was given.

Persons with this fear would go to great lengths to protect themselves and their loved ones and make sure that they get vaccinated. These people may also have an associated fear of germs as a result and they may experience palpitations, shortness of breath, trembling when faced with the idea of getting a dirty cut. They are extremely careful when they are outdoors.

Anti-anxiety medications may be given to some who do not respond to psychotherapy.