Teratophobia- Fear of bearing a deformed child or fear of monsters or deformed people

A teratoma is defined as a mass or tumor made up of different tissues, with irregular shape and size, and may even have hair or teeth and the site can be horrifying at times. We are not perfect beings but there are some people who have an intense fear of having a deformed child, fear monsters and deformed people. This fear is called Teratophobia.

The fear of having a deformed child is a natural feeling for most mothers-to-be because they want all the best for their unborn child, and they want everything to be perfect. Some might have had friends with deformities and were subject of ridicule and discrimination when they were kids thus this fear becomes heightened and becomes a phobia. Some may have been scared by monsters in the movies, or by deformed people being isolated and they don’t want this to happen to their unborn child or themselves.

People with this phobia will do everything to make sure that they appear perfect, avoid interacting with people who might be deformed or handicapped, and those who are pregnant might have repeated ultrasounds to make sure that their babies have not metamorphosed into a clump of unidentifiable cells and tissues.

Treatment includes psychotherapy, specifically cognitive behavioral therapy, and these women are taught that no one is perfect, and we all have imperfections. Medications are usually not given especially to pregnant women.