Telephonophobia- Fear of telephones

Telephonophobia is the irrational and profound fear of telephones and is hard to reconcile because we see telephones everyday in the world around us. Most of us are not able to function nowadays without telephones because we use it to communicate with our loved ones, friends, co-workers via calling, or even sending text message, be it for personal reasons or work-related.

Those who fear telephones might have developed this phobia because of a bad experience with telephone services in the past. Long-distance phone calls before were connected via an operator and party-lines or wrong number calls were very common. Operator-assisted calls, especially international calls were difficult to make in the past and people might have had the experiencing of waiting a very long time to have their calls connected only to find out that they are not able to make the call and getting charged it for thus they fear making calls in the future. Some might also have had a misunderstanding over the phone and thus would prefer talking to other people in person than just over the phone.

Teleophobes would do anything to avoid using phones but is not applicable in our modern world today. These people should be taught that phones are not our enemies but they are gadgets that make our lives easier. If psychotherapy is not effective, these people may be given anti-anxiety medications or anti-depressants so that they can continue to function normally.