Teleophobia- Fear of definite plans. Fear of Religious ceremony

Most of us follow a schedule when we go about our everyday activities. But some people, especially those that are free-spirited, feel constrained and extremely scared or anxious whenever they have to follow a definite schedule or plan and they prefer to do things spontaneously. These people are said to have Teleophobia.

They fear definite plans because most of these people fear commitment. They feel confined and restricted whenever they have to follow another person’s plan. They feel as if their freedom is being taken away from them and could have developed because of a bad experience wherein they were made to follow a strict schedule and were unable to do so, and with grave consequences.

Some Teleophobes also fear religions ceremony’s such as weddings, funerals, or even Sunday mass because they feel like they are forced to sit and observe the whole ceremony when they would rather be doing something else.

Teleophobes usually manifest with breathlessness and feel that they want to run away from the situation or ceremony. They would do anything to avoid following a schedule and would do things spontaneously at their own pace, and their own time.

One may overcome this phobia by relearning that order or plans can make life easier. A therapist may help in this regard.