Tapinophobia- Fear of being contagious

Most people fear getting sick but there are a group of people who fear being contagious. These people fear that they will pass on an illness to other people, especially their loved ones, and this is called Tapinophobia.

In our life, it is unavoidable that we get sick with a contagious disease even just a viral infection or the flu. Sometimes it is unavoidable that we pass these illness to our family members and friends at work but a Tapinophobe will isolate themselves the moment that they realize that they are sick. These people will do everything to avoid getting sick such as getting vaccinated and updating their vaccinations, and they would take supplements such as vitamins and other minerals to boost their immune system so they won’t get sick and spread their disease to other people. They are also most likely scared of germs and would wash their hands several times a day with antibacterial soaps so they don’t get sick.

They fear that they may be blamed by the people who will unintentionally catch their illness, or that compromise their relationship should he or she get sick also. They usually base their friendship on being perfect and being sick for them is imperfection.

People with this fear may get shortness of breath, have palpitations and show other symptoms of anxiety when they realize they are sick and they would get treatment immediately. They usually make a big deal out of the mildest colds or slightest fever.

Treatment includes psychotherapy and anti-anxiety medications may be given if patient’s quality of life is affected or compromised.