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Aphenphosmphobia refers to an abnormal concern of being touched. Aphenphosmphobia is abnormal fear of being touched. This phobia is referred in quite a few ways such as: Being Touched Phobia; Chiraptophobia; Fear of Being Touched; Fear of Touch; Fear of Touched; Haphephobia; Phobia of Being Touched; Phobia of Touch; Phobia of Touched; Touch Fear; Touch Phobia; Touched Fear; Touched Phobia. A purpose that it could not work is frankly some people are afraid to surrender their aphenphosmphobia. Their individuality is wrapped up in it. They have had their aphenphosmphobia so …

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Harpaxophobia is usually caused by an intense destructive experience out of your past. But your mind may also create that worry seemingly without basis. The secret is digging down to the source and changing negative associations with positive ones. Those at greatest risk include:
People with a common tendency towards fear and anxiety
People characterised as excessive strung
People affected by adrenal insufficiency
Symptoms of Harpaxophobia: Test & Diagnosis
We could attempt to further enhance our credibility with some complicated test, but it’s really pretty simple: If this concern is having a major negative impact …