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When an individual has a profound fear of sinning they are said to have Peccatophobia.
If one is inclined to dismiss this fear as superstitious nonsense one should know that this fear encompasses a strong desire on the part of the peccatophobe because they are in fear of disappointing their deity or in perpetuating bad behaviors they have tried unsuccessfully to stop. In this respect these individuals may also struggle with a fear of hell or separation from god.
This fear is the result of a belief system accepted as a …

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What is Peccatophobia?
Peccatophobia is the concern of sinning or wrongdoing. The origin of the phrase pecca is Latin (meaning to sin or commit a crime) and phobia is Greek (meaning fear). Peccatophobia is considered to be a particular phobia, which is discussed on the house page. Peccatophobia is also called Peccatiphobia and related to Hamartophobia (fear of sinning) and Enissophobia/Enosiophobia (which each mean worry of criticism or committing a sin).
What are the causes?
It is mostly accepted that phobias arise from a mix of external events (i.e. traumatic events) and internal …

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Hamartophobia is normally caused by an intense unfavorable experience from your past. But your mind may also create that fear seemingly without basis. The key is digging all the way down to the source and changing negative associations with optimistic ones. Those at greatest danger include:
People with a normal tendency towards concern and anxiety
People characterized as high strung
People suffering from adrenal insufficiency
Symptoms of Hamartophobia: Test & Diagnosis
We could try to further enhance our credibility with some complicated test, however it’s really pretty simple: If this worry is having a big …