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Fear of growing old or of old people is called Gerontophobia. The cause of this fear is usually discrimination. Young people oftentimes do not understand people older than them and they fear them. They believe that there is nothing in common and isolating themselves from old people turn into fear and hatred of the elderly. The fear of older people may have been brought about by previous interaction with the elderly who may already have dementia and display childish or even violent behavior.
For some who fear growing old, they …

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Symptoms of Gerascophobia
Irrational worry of rising old
Feling of panic
Feeling of terror
Feeling of dread
Rapid heartbeat
Shortness of breath
Extreme avoidance measures taken
Causes of Gerascophobia
Phobias and philias
Anxiety conditions
Mental health conditions
Treatment List for Gerascophobia
Behavior therapy, anti-anxiety medication
Cognitive-behavioral remedy (CBT)
Behavioral therapy
Exposure therapy
Relaxation methods – managed breathing, visualisation
Medications to treat anxiety may be utilised, however there are no studies that help the efficacy of medication in the treatment of particular phobias
How Is Gerascophobia Treated?
When the worry of crossing bridges becomes intense sufficient to disrupt an individual’s skill to function, there are a selection of ways to deal …