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Tachophobia- Fear of speed

Tachophobia is fear of speed and is a fairly common phobia. Speed can be scary especially when it is associated with riding a speeding vehicle and the thought of having an accident is scary for a lot of people. Riding at theme park rides like a roller coaster can also be scary and then later one might associate anything fast with this fear. One might have been involved in a vehicular accident where the cause of the mishap was a skidding vehicle, or losing brakes, or overspeeding and sustaining a terrible injury and riding in fast cars subsequently triggers this phobia.

This fear is not limited to just speeding vehicles or rides but also applies to a fast paced life or change that is happening too fast in one’s life. It could be getting married too soon because you got pregnant or got someone pregnant, changing jobs or careers every so often, being coerced to decide at a particular moment can cause this fear because persons with this phobia fear losing control.

Symptoms include anxiety symptoms of tremors, restlessness, palpitations, and ironically some may feel like running away but some would freeze at the thought of speed. Most will avoid riding fast vehicles such as motorcycles, and roller coasters.

Treatment include behavioral therapy. If persistent despite therapy, anti-anxiety medication may help to alleviate symptoms.