Symmetrophobia- Fear of symmetry

Symmetry can be a beautiful thing as seen in beautiful paintings or beautiful symmetrical lines of a building for instance but there are some people with an irrational fear of symmetry and these people are said to have symmetrophobia.

Symmetrophobia could be caused by someone who is by nature has a chaotic property who was forced to do something structured and symmetric thus disrupting their normally asymmetric minds. This fear of symmetry also may be due to the fact that these people perceive symmetry as something of beauty and they may fear that they are not worthy of something beautiful. Others may perceive symmetry as perfection and those who fear perfection or are insecure with one’s imperfection may also have this fear.

People with this phobia will not have anything in the house that is symmetric and they will have abstract or asymmetric paintings instead of symmetric ones, and they will love anything that is skewed. They may have symptoms of anxiety when faced with something symmetric and have palpitations, tremors, shortness of breath, chest discomfort, nausea or vomiting.

Treatment may include behavioral and cognitive psychotherapy. Medications are not usually needed because these individuals are able to function even with this fear.