Symbolophobia- Fear of symbolism

Symbols are usually present in our society. Symbolism can be used both figuratively and in the form of icons or objects that is worshiped or praised. Symbols can also be used by the cults and such, or it may be used in computer design to create a new design. Symbols are everywhere but there are some people who fear symbolism and these people are said to have symbolophobia.

People with this fear may have a belief that symbols are usual signs that something bad may happen and that whenever they see these symbols, they will be the one who will suffer the consequences. Others fear symbolism as far as the biblical times when symbols were there to signify the events that are to come such as blood on the doors of Jewish people symbolized that they were Christians and those without had their first born sons killed by the angel of death.

Sometimes these people are not aware that they are using symbols in their everyday life and as long as they are not aware, they may not display symptoms of anxiety. Should they realize that they are dealing with symbols, they may manifest with palpitations, tremors, chest tightness and discomfort, and other symptoms of panic or anxiety.

Treatment may include behavioral and cognitive psychotherapy. Medications are not needed in this phobia.