Staurophobia- Fear of crosses or the crucifix

During the Easter holiday Christians will speak reverently of the cross and the symbolism of sacrifice. In the time of Roman occupation of Jerusalem crucifixion was the most despicable way to die. Perhaps that is why some fear the cross. This fear is known as Staurophobia or crucifix fear.

This fear may be caused by the belief that it is possible the Christian faith is barbaric or that by following the faith it could result in a similar fate. Some may fear the crucifix as a result of bad memories associated with religion when they were younger.

An individual who has this fear may physically run from the presence of a cross or crucifix. The site of the object may take them to a time and place that is uncomfortable and may even trigger symptoms of post traumatic stress. Other symptoms may include an elevated heart rate, air hunger, panic attack, feeling faint, loss of control, trembling, sweating, crying, screaming and nausea.

This fear may require therapy and a willingness to forgive. This is in reference to any past events in which religion caused you physical or emotional trauma. This can be difficult to get past, but essential to embracing a healthy and productive future.

Getting help to deal with your fears and learning how they connect to a faith perspective can be critical to learning more about how you fit with both.