Stasibasiphobia or Stasiphobia- Fear of standing or walking

The fear of standing or walking is the fear of walking or falling is more common in the elderly when they have lost their ability to balance with disease such as Parkinson’s. This phobia may be perceived as mere laziness by some. Our transportation-based culture makes it easy to avoid the physical strain that walking can bring, and with the availability of wheelchairs, some even motorized to allow a person to control their own wheelchairs, the need for walking may decrease for those who are injured or are scared to walk. Medical conditions like arthritis, bunions or bursitis can also aggravate this phobia. Although the pain from walking may be managed with medication or surgery, there is also a psychological element which must also be addressed.
The fear of walking usually is caused by the fear of falling. Some are scared that if they walk, they will fall and get injured. This is especially applicable for those who have fallen and sustained a fracture when they fell.

Agoraphobia (fear of going outside) can also be a trigger for fear of walking. Likewise, any element of low self-esteem may also rear its head that these people will dread the eye contact and interaction that walking brings.

Strategies for alleviating the phobia involves talking to a doctor or psychologist about the reasons for fear of walking that can help the person to cope with the rigors of walking.