Spectrophobia- Fear of specters or ghosts

Spectrophobia is a severe fear of mirrors or of reflections, usually of themselves. This phobia may also include an extreme fear of ghosts or spirits.

There are many situations in which a spectrophobic person may have a panic attack or experience severe symptoms of anxiety. While these situations may seem routine for most of us, they are common triggers for panic attacks in those dealing with spectrophobia.

Causes behind spectrophobia depend on the specific fear that the phobia relates to. If a person is suffering from an abnormal fear of mirrors or their own personal reflection, there is likely an underlying fear of self knowledge. If a person is suffering from an abnormal fear of ghosts or spirits, which is more commonly referred to as Phasmophobia, there may be a deep underlying fear of the unknown.

A person may feel nauseous or dizzy in stressful situations and be unable to think clearly or even formulate words. Their heart rate will also increase, as will their blood pressure, and they may even desire to, or actually flee, the stressful situation. Luckily, many therapy methods have had proven success in treating spectrophobia.