Spacephobia- Fear of outer space

Many of us will watch with fascination when news stories air that focus on space exploration or show astronauts on the space station or aboard a shuttle. For those who fear outerspace therapists refer to their condition as Spacephobia.

Spacephobia is a fear that often preys on other existing fears. The wearing of a spacesuit may cause the wearer to feel as if they are suffocating. If the individual fears air travel this too can play into the fear of outerspace.

People with spacephobia may have a dislike for movies or documentaries dealing with space travel or astrological events. Other symptoms may include air hunger, elevated heart rate, trembling, panic attacks, dizziness, feeling as if you are overwhelmed, sweating and fainting.

An individual with this fear will not likely be a science fiction fan because a substantial amount of sci-fi deals with space travel and outerspace.

It is possible that in the future there may be affordable space travel. Some are just getting a jump on a potential fear that was previously the stuff of fiction.

You may never have the opportunity to engage in space travel, but the fears you experience can make it difficult to fully engage in life. Finding a therapist who can help you deal with the various fears that equal Spacephobia can allow you to move forward with a life without fear – on earth.