Sophophobia- Fear of learning

Every teacher can pinpoint children who struggle with learning, but not every child who struggles has Sophophobia. This fear of learning can make compulsory educational classes exceptionally difficult. Yes, it may be difficult for the teacher, but it may feel closer to torture for the individuals who possess this fear.

In some cases an individual could have a fear of learning based on the fact that their parents never finished school.

Other cases of this fear could be a fear of winding up disillusioned by life because you, “Know too much”. It is not unheard of for an individual to see an educated person with a lack of purpose because all the education they’ve acquired has not translated into life satisfaction.

You can’t think of this fear only in terms of an individual’s willingness to learn although that is often a symptom of the fear. The fear is demonstrated most in an unexplainable sense of dread in association with having to attend school. Other symptoms may include dry mouth, air hunger, panic attack, trembling, nausea, asking daily to be excused from going to school.

Therapy can help determine the cause and explain the negative effects associated with a lack of education.