Sitophobia or Sitiophobia- Fear of food or eating

We need food to survive, and it is among the 3 most basic things that humans need to live, the other 2 being water and air. We have to eat everyday in order to sustain our day-to-day activities, to fuel our mind and body and do the things that we have to do. But there are some people who actually fear food and this is called sitophobia, or also known as sitiophobia or cibophobia.

This phobia could have been triggered by a bad experience such as eating spoiled food and getting food poisoning, eating something so unpleasant that even the mere thought of that food will cause on to gag or vomit, or sometimes having too much food causes the fear of food especially if one is watching his or her weight and they fear that they can’t control their appetites. One other reason for fear of food is the fear that germs could be lurking in food and eating these germs can make one become sick. These people might also have bacillophobia or microphobia. A food allergy is also one of the root causes of this fear.

Persons with this phobia will only eat enough to sustain themselves and may not find eating pleasurable and satisfying but rather as something that can make them sick and make them fat. They will avoid beef because of the fat present in animal meat, are obsessive with expiration dates, and are very picky with the food that they will only consume.

Treatment may involve desensitization wherein the feared food is gradually introduced until one is not anymore scared of eating the particular food. Psychotherapy may help as well as appetite stimulants especially for kids.