Siderophobia- Fear of stars

To be clinically diagnosed as having a fear of stars is called Siderophobia. While some celebrate the immense size of the universe the same cannot be said for others who view the size of the universe as a threat to their own safety and comfort.

A separate core fear that is often associated with Siderophobia is simply the fear of being exposed or out of control. People like to have control over the things around them, yet in comparison to the stars and universe we have no control at all.

Individuals with this fear might routinely draw their curtains closed as darkness approaches. They will not want to venture outside at night and they work to find distractions that will keep them from considering all that is beyond our atmosphere.

Other symptoms may include air hunger, trembling, panic attacks, sweating, nausea, fainting and the feeling as though you are losing your mind. It can become overwhelming to feel as if one is smothered in something so large as the sky and stars. It’s impressive, but can leave a person feeling diminished.

Understanding your place in association with the world around you is important. A therapist can help a patient learn how to accurately filter who they are with their own sphere of influence.