Sideromophobia- Fear of trains, railroads or train travel

Fear of trains is more common than one might imagine. This phobia includes many aspects of train travel, such as a fear of railway tracks, accidents, and the physical train itself. One who suffers from this phobia, may become unwilling to go anywhere near areas where trains are running, and will be extremely reluctant to travel on one. The fear of trains is known as Siderodromophobia.

Part of the reason why some people fear trains has to do with the fact that they are large, noisy, and crowded. Some people develop siderodromophobia as a side-effect of the claustrophobia (fear of enclosed spaces) they feel on crowded commuter trains. The loud screeching of brakes and the noises heard inside train compartments can also trigger this phobia in susceptible individuals.

The movement of a running train can also scare phobic people. The side-to-side swaying of the cars can seem dangerous to people who fear trains. The train may seem unstable to them, and they will be unnerved by any sudden stops or jerking motions. As well, the small areas one must walk through to go from one car to another can seem cold and frightening.

Others have cited the fear of train car derailments as a reason for their terror. Such crashes have made many people wary of train travel, and they have triggered fear of trains in men, women, and children.
Persons with siderodromophobia can respond well to hypnotherapy. A trained hynotherapist can help the phobic person.