Selenophobia- Fear of the moon

There is much mystery about the moon. Superstition suggests that when the moon is full creatures do not behave normally, evil is unleashed or at times it appears the moon is laughing.
Intellectually one can agree that the moon holds no supernatural or even personal attributes associated with other humans, yet the moon is still feared.

This may be the result of observing others who feared the white orb of night. It may be the result of the mystery of the moon and the sheer distance the moon is from our planet. Some may fear it because of its size. And finally it is under the cover of moonlight that so many crimes are committed so fear is expressed perhaps for personal safety.
When an individual experiences this fear it is likely they will not venture outside at night. They will close their shades and may experience incredible dread as the afternoon fades to dusk.

Other symptoms may include air hunger, trembling, nausea, dry mouth, social anxiety, panic attack, crying, obsessive tendencies related to night time.

In some cases the fear is essentially small and may appear only a little more than normal apprehension. In other cases this fear may manifest itself in strange behaviors, social phobias and screaming at the site of the moon.

A therapist can be a great resource in coming to terms with what causes one’s fears and the appropriate ways to manage your phobic responses.