Selaphobia- Fear of light flashes

Flashing lights can be annoying and disturbing for most of us. It can seem irritating but there are people who become extremely anxious when they see flashing lights and this is called selaphobia.

This fear of flashing lights could have been brought about by the urban legend where one flashes the light of a car and then flashing back caused a car chase which led to the death of one or more persons. Another reason could be the flashing lights in a disco wherein one might have gotten involved in a fight or was turned down by a potential girlfriend and thus this flashing lights is associated with the trauma or hurt they felt at that point in time.

Flashing lights are also feared by those who have epilepsy because this can trigger a seizure attack. Others with migraine may also have attacks when they see flashing lights thus they do everything to avoid it.

People with this phobia will shut their eyes when they see flashing lights and may opt not to drive a car especially at night. They may exhibit symptoms of anxiety and usually respond with psychotherapy.
Hypnosis may also of big help but for those with migraine and seizures, it is best for them to avoid flashing lights altogether to prevent attacks.