Scriptophobia – Fear of writing in public

For many writers the words they choose are essentially tracks that lead back to their very soul. It exposes the vulnerable side of the writer and the risk of someone reading what they write is a devastating possibility. They may be brutally honest in their writing as long as they are reasonably assured they will be the only ones reading the result.

Most writers actually tend to shy away from the spotlight. They write in private and their finished work is a very personal effort. Think of this in terms of a journal. Many book style journals or diaries will have a lock.

Many who have the fear of having their privacy violated pay very close attention to their need for safety. Their private thoughts chronicle their life journey. It can provide a sense of personal therapy, yet those same words can cause anger and sadness if they become public knowledge. It is from this very personal space within that causes some to have a profound fear of writing in public. Some may call it paranoia, but those who have this fear consider it protection.

Expect a scriptophobe to be incredibly guarded about when and where they write. Other symptoms may include nausea, air hunger, trembling, dry mouth, elevated heart rates, weeping and potential fainting.
This fear is closely similar to that of appearing naked in front of others. The sense of vulnerability is much greater than most realize with this fear.

Consulting with a therapist can help determine the severity of the fear and where it originates. Seeking a professional counselor is confidential and potentially liberating.