Scotomaphobia- Fear of blindness in visual field

Blindness is something that is feared by most of us who are born normal and without any visual problems. Scotomaphobia is the fear of blindness in a visual field, is uncommon, but this exists.

This fear could have been triggered by stories of relatives or friends who had visual field blindness which was caused for instance by a tumor that impinged the optic nerve, or a brain tumor that has severed the optic pathway anywhere in the brain thus causing a blindness in a particular visual field. Others could have read about this in a journal or newspaper and they get extremely anxious if even just a little while, they get blurred vision or may have an imaginary visual field blindness in some cases.

People with this fear will have regular and frequent check-ups with their ophthalmologist and may even go to the extent of having their visual fields tested by a professional. Those who fear that they might have brain tumors will have imaging studies such as MRI or CT scan to determine if they have brain tumors or not.

Treatment usually involves behavioral and cognitive psychotherapy. Proper education of these patients is also key to treating this phobia.