Scabiophobia- Fear of scabies

Scabies is a contagious infection caused by female mites Sarcoptec scabiei which burrows into the skin to lay eggs and they are usually seen in between fingers. Some people have an intense fear of these little creatures and this fear is called Scabiophobia. This fear is frequently the result of obsessing about something that might be swarming into our skin. Living through a scabies influx might instill this fear potentially. The psychological trauma caused by this outbreak oftentimes results to long term fear based response. Most patients with this fear had been infected in the past which could have worsened this fear.

A person who has this fear is prone to think that a simple rash is now scabies and later develops other symptoms which include air hunger, trembling sensation, nausea, panic attack, an urge to flee, weeping and screaming. Sometimes a person with this fear may in fact develop a bacterial infection in their arms, legs and other body parts because of frequent scratching due to their belief that they have or could have scabies.

Avoiding areas that are most likely to result in developing scabies can be very helpful in controlling this fear. Also, scabiophobe patients may benefit from visiting a therapist who can assess their condition and recommend solutions that can lessen their anxiety in the future.