Satanophobia- Fear of Satan

When one thinks of satan, we immediately visualize a scary and dark image of a person cooking in fire, with horns, spiky tail, carrying a spear or trident, who looms of darkness and possesses and evil laugh or grin. For kids especially, this image is extremely scary and this fear as a child could be instilled and may manifest in adults as satanophobia or the extreme fear of satan.

This fear could be also associated with the fear of demons, and the fear of hell. These people are scared of burning in hell for all eternity and being tortured by the demons and being in anguish forever in hell and being tormented by satan. People with this fear usually have very strong religious backgrounds thus they would do anything to do what is right so that they don’t have to suffer an eternity in hell but have an afterlife in the midst of the angels in heaven instead.

These people are usually scared of committing sin and will go to frequent confessions. They will do everything not to think of satan and will be in a state of constant prayer.

Treatment includes cognitive and behavioral psychotherapy. Talking with a priest or pastor may also help the phobic person.