Samhainophobia- Fear of Halloween

When an aversion to Halloween becomes a phobia, it is known as Samhainophobia. The popularity of the Halloween film series has contributed to Samhainophobia. Some people now associate Halloween night with the darkest impulses of mankind like the number 666, unlucky number 13, and death.

Those who suffer from Samhainophobia see no playfulness or joy in Halloween. They are frightened by the costumes, by the loud sounds of firecrackers and excited voices, and by the sense of wildness and other worldliness that the night seems to conjure forth. For them, Halloween is best avoided, and they will take pains to stay indoors, keeping their homes dark and devoid of decorations, in order to discourage trick-or-treaters.

Terror is the overarching symptom of Samhainophobia. The costumes and rituals of Halloween will cause feelings of anxiety, nausea, and dizziness. Any reference to Halloween may cause fear of the dark, and subsequently trigger panic attacks especially when the holiday draws near. The decorations and advertising that occur during the buildup to October 31st may trigger this phobia in the afflicted.

Avoidance of triggers can ease this phobia, but it can be difficult to seal oneself off from Halloween during the autumn. A good therapist can recommend some methods of releasing the fear and tension associated with this phobia. Anti-depressants may be prescribed if needed.