Rhytiphobia- Fear of getting wrinkles

When we get older, we get wrinkles in our face. For some, wrinkles represent knowledge because as one ages, one becomes more knowledgeable. Laugh lines are also considered wrinkles and the more laugh lines you have on your face is more proof that you have led a happy life.

But people who are vain and want their faces to be perfect have an extreme fear of getting wrinkles and is called rhytiphobia. People with rhytiphobia may fear that if they get wrinkles, they will reveal their actual age, or they are scared that people will not think they are pretty anymore. People with this fear usually have poor self-esteem and self-worth and they believe more in the physical beauty than inner beauty of a person.

People with this fear will avoid going to nursing homes where they will see wrinkled faces everywhere. Some may even go to the extent of having plastic surgery to remove the wrinkles on their faces. Others may choose to have a flat affect because they believe that smiling or frowning can create these perceived ugly lines on their faces.

Behavioral therapy to boost one’s self-esteem usually benefit these people. They should be taught the inner beauty is more important than physical beauty and any imperfection in the face adds character and identity.