Radiophobia- Fear of radiation, x-rays

Radiophobia is a fear of being unwillingly exposed to radiation and can negatively impact a persons social life and mental state.

Radiophobia is most commonly caused by a past traumatic event dealing with radiation or may even be traced back to a fear of wars. Some individuals may be concerned that radiation can either destroy body tissue or cause mutations within the body resulting in an alterations.

An individual who has a profound fear of x-rays may actually express that fear through what may appear to be a fear of doctors or hospitals. They may resist medical intervention in an effort to avoid an x-ray. Other symptoms may include fainting, air hunger, increased heart rate, weeping, screaming, anti-social behaviour, nausea, dry mouth.

The art of overcoming this fear may rest in education. Once the individual expresses the ability to look at the subject rationally it can be important to discuss the issue from a logical perspective. A positive internal motivation for change is the most useful tool in overcoming the fear of radiation and it is never too late to begin treatment

And of course a therapist may be best suited to ensuring that this is the sole source of fear. This is important because many fears are simply masks that hide an even deeper and more ingrained fear. Finding the original fear and discovering answers to the original questions will be important to recovery.