What are Phobias

Phobias are the most common type of emotional disorders in the US. They are a type of anxiety disorder, which is the most prevalent mental disorder.
An intense fear of certain situations, activities, things, animals, or people.
1) Experiencing intense fear in a situation that does not merit it.
2) Realizing that the fear is above and beyond what is necessary and that this behavior is irrational.
3) The person’s reaction to the situation is uncontrollable, aka automatic. The person lacks control of their fears.
4) During the …

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Recent Phobias

Most people with phobias are scared or fear one particular thing but there are some people who are scared of a lot of things and this is called polyphobia.
Polyphobia could have been initiated by fear of a particular thing which led one to fear things associated with the thing that they fear the most. For instance, one fears having fever or pyrexiophobia, this can lead to fear of getting sick or fear of having disease, fear of needles, fear of drugs, fear of doctors, fear of hospitals, fear of …

We see progress in our surroundings every day, and progress is what we aim for in our lives. But there are some people who fear progress and this fear is called prosophobia and this fear is usually related with the fear of change or new things.
People who are scared of progress are those who are usually scared of the unknown. People might have been conditioned by their religious beliefs that change is something that can disrupt their normally peaceful life and they would prefer a laid back and …

There are two common type of lice that affects humans, body lice or pediculosis caused by Pediculosis hominis, and pubic lice or Phthirus pubis. Phthiriophobia is defined as the fear of lice and this fear is not entirely irrational.
Body lice, may it be lice on the head, body, or pubic area is completely annoying and they may be difficult to treat. For those how had been infested with these creatures, they have experienced unbearable scratching and excoriations that they found difficult to treat and was extremely humiliating and …

For people who were born in the time of Looney Tunes, Porky Pig would be the best example of stuttering and for people who stutter, this can be frustrating.
Stuttering is a speech disorder wherein sounds, syllables or words are repeated or prolonged and this disrupts the normal flow of speech. This affects a person’s quality of life because people find it difficult to communicate with others and people might have also a hard time understanding people who stutter or might find it …

Kids usually loves to be tickled, especially if it is a form of affection by their parents or siblings. Tickling makes one laugh and when they laugh, their happy hormones or endorphins are released thus they learn to love being tickled. But there are people who absolutely hate being tickled, especially if they were tickled by feathers and this is called pteronophobia.
Persons with this fear might have experienced being tied down or pinned by a bully and tickled until he or she felt out of …