Pupaphobia – Fear of puppets

Puppets are part of our childhood. They have been tools to entertain and educate young kids and they are considered by many to be fun and entertaining. Pupaphobia is a term used to define people with the fear of puppets and this can be brought about by the fear of hard, handpainted faces of puppets, especially those made in the past and they feel that these smiling faces of the wooden figures are watching them or that anytime they might come to life.

Others might have watched a puppet show as a child and had terrible nightmares about it, or have watched in the movie stories of killer puppets thus they unconsciously conditioned themselves to fear all puppets.

Some might have developed this fear by watching Pinocchio who was a puppet and they fear that if they become bad, they will be turned into a puppet and not the other way around.
Little do these people realize that other shows such as Sesame Street is also made of puppets but these puppets are less scary and look more alive to them.

People with this fear may hide when they see puppets and will do anything to avoid watching puppet shows. They should be taught and conditioned not to fear puppets because these are inanimate objects being controlled by the puppeteer and they cannot come to life.