Pteronophobia- Fear of being tickled by feathers

Kids usually loves to be tickled, especially if it is a form of affection by their parents or siblings. Tickling makes one laugh and when they laugh, their happy hormones or endorphins are released thus they learn to love being tickled. But there are people who absolutely hate being tickled, especially if they were tickled by feathers and this is called pteronophobia.

Persons with this fear might have experienced being tied down or pinned by a bully and tickled until he or she felt out of breath and subsequently associated being tickled with being unable to breath.
For others, they could just not stand being tickled because of an exaggerated bodily response thus they fear it.
Being “tickled to death” is also a term that may be a trigger for this fear because some are scared that they can literally die if they are tickled to hard thus they avoid it at all costs.

People with this fear usually avoid bodily contact and they may be introverts. They would rather be alone that in a room full of kids for instance who are rowdy and may tickle each other for fun. They may also fear the sight of feathers because it gives them the ‘tingles’ and associate it with being tickled.